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JML Fabrication, Farmington Minnesota

Welding & Fabrication Portfolio: Commercial Applications

JML Fabrication works with a large customer base of commercial application from the food industry to water technology. There are such various designs to suit customers needs, and JML is versatile enough to fabricate a application from 1" tube/angle to 20" wide beams. Our welders are certified 6G and up to 1" thick covering just about any scope a project might require.


JML Fabrication has fabricated various framing structures from building walkways to airlock facilities. We can build any superstructure from your designs and prints.


Project Specifications

Material:  Aluminum, steel, stainless
Process:  Cutting, coping, shearing, welding
Finish:  Galvanize, paint, powder coat


Equipment Frames

JML Fabrication has been specializing in various size and configuration of equipment framing for specific customers. All frames members had a tolerance of ¼" to be held throughout the frame. In addition, grinding of surface areas for the frame/equipment to have a cosmetically pleasing appearance when complete.


Project Specifications

Material: Stainless, Steel
Process:  Cutting, coping, shearing, plasma cutting, certified welding
Finish:  Galanize, powder coat or paint.


Customer came to us with a specific cantilever for their product. We assisted in determining material and design, from there JML fabricated the cantilever to the customers specific needs.


Project Specifications

Process:  Cutting, welding, plasma cutting
Finish:  Sandblast and paint


Customer came to us because of the tight tolerance needed on this project. JML takes pride on the ability to know our metals and know how they will react with each weld. This project was 35' long and we had to hold a tolerance of 1/16" even after heat treat.


Project Specifications

Process:  Cutting, welding, plasma cutting
Finish:  Sandblast and paint

Additional Services:

  • Conveyor Supports
  • Conveyor Frames
  • Door Frames
  • Fire Escapes
  • Balconies

JML Fabrication welcomes the opportunity to quote any fabrication or welding project. For additional information regarding our capabilities or services call 612-444-3025 or email sales@jmlfabrication.com


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