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JML Fabrication, Farmington Minnesota

Welding & Fabrication Portfolio: Structural Steel Fabrication

Fabrication of large scale structural elements tend to be challenging projects due to their large size and load requirements. JML has worked with many customers to produce high quality metal components and systems.

Large Balcony/Mezzanine
Welding Stair and mezzine system

JML was contracted by a steel mill to fabricated a large balcony / mezzanine for their plant. The mezzanine was constructed in multiple sections to allow for transport and easier set-up.

Project Specifications

Sizes: Overall size 8' x 52' with stairs
Materials: Steel
Fabrication Processes:Cutting, Drilling, Welding
Finishing Applications: Paint

Large Conveyor Supports

JML was requested to review a package of 2D prints supports for a pellet conveyor plant in Canada. We produced full fabrication prints, and continued through fabrication to shipping. This contracted project demostrates JML's capability to facilitate large complex metal fabrication projects. In addition, during the erection our crew made trips to assist the erectors with complications in the design. We were able to assist and complete the install with very low man hours. We fabricated over 400 ton of material for this project within 6 months.

Project Specifications

Sizes: 10' diameter / 65' high (various other sizes)
Materials: Steel
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, Drilling, Plasma cutting, Welding
Finishing Applications: Sand blast/Paint

Aftermarket Rock Screen Separator

One of our customers came to us with complaints regarding the rock separator screen for the grizzly, had rocks continually lodging between blades and the blades bending. They requested we rebuild the separator to eliminate these issues. We were able to produce a new separator that not only reduced the man hours by 5/per day prying out rock, but our blades have not bent and the cost for us to reverse design and fabricate was fractions of a new part from the manufacturer.

Project Specifications

Sizes: 17' x 8' (using 2" thick material within)
Materials: Steel
Fabrication Processes: Reverse Engineering, Cutting, drilling, plasma cutting, welding
Finishes: none

Structural Steel for Mining Houses
Welding for Super Freezer Stucture

JML Fabrication supplied all the structural steel for the Concentrator and Pellet House for the mines in HIbbing, MN. This project we fabricated over 150tons of steel within 10 week lead time.

Project Specifications

Sizes: Various
Materials: Steel beams, angle, tube
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, drilling, plasma cutting, welding
Finishes: Sandblast and paint per customer spec.

Additional Structural Fabrication or Repair Services: 

  • Stairways
  • Catwalks
  • Mezzanine systems
  • Ceiling systems
  • Ceiling tracks
  • Flooring systems
  • Metal Framing
  • Building hardware and components

JML Fabrication welcomes the opportunity to quote any fabrication or welding project. For additional information regarding our capabilities or services call 612-444-3025 or email sales@jmlfabrication.com



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