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JML Fabrication, Farmington Minnesota

Welding & Fabrication Portfolio: Food/Beverage

JML Fabrication excels in metal fabrication of freezer systems, and food process equipment. We hold many years of experience building either out of steel or stainless. Our certified welders have the skill and knowledge to complete your project to your exact specifications.

Cage for a Spiral Freezing System
Spiral Freezing System Cage

Here is where JML's roots began, fabricating large cages for Spiral Freezing Systems. This example was built for FMC FoodTech base on their exact specifications.

Project Specifications

Sizes: 18' diameter / 28' high
Materials: Stainless, Steel and Aluminum
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, Drilling, Welding
Finishing Applications: Sand blast or Galvanize

Structural Components

Again during our roots, we were called upon by a past employer to be a outside supplier for the structural component of spiral freezing conveyors. Here we fabricated all the upright supports with galvanized for a freezing system used at a brewy.

Project Specifications

Sizes: Varied
Materials: Steel
Fabrication Processes: Produce Prints, Cut, Drill and Weld
Finishing Applications: Galvanize

Center Drive

Customer manufacturing spiral conveying systems, requested us to make frames for the center drive units. Framing shown was 35' long and had to hold 1/4" tolerance even "after" galvanizing.

Project Specifications

Sizes: Varied
Materials: Steel
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, drilling, welding, finishing
Finishing Applications: Galvanize

Additional Food/Beverage Fabrication or Repair Services:

  • Freezer systems and structures
  • Freezer system components
  • Utility carts
  • Custom storage bins and shelving
  • Trailer modifications for catering
  • Stainless frames for beverage conveying system

Additional Related Fabrication or Repair Services:

JML Fabrication welcomes the opportunity to quote any fabrication or welding project. For additional information regarding our capabilities or services call 612-444-3025 or email sales@jmlfabrication.com


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