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JML Fabrication, Farmington Minnesota

Welding & Fabrication Portfolio: Farm & Agricultural Equipment

JML Fabrication has years of experience providing custom welding and machining services for our local farmers and the agricultural industry. We offer structural repair and modification on virtually any type of equipment. JML has helped a number of clients build custom tools or systems to increase farming production or workloads.

Bale Wagon Modification

A local farmer came to JML with the need to increase his load capacity on a bale wagon. JML analyzed and assessed the load requirements could be met by extending the frame on the bale wagon. By making this modification the farmer was able to increase each single load capacity by 12%.


Project Specifications

Sizes: Varied
Materials: Steel - 1/4" channel
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, Drilling, Welding
Finishing Applications: None

John Deere aftermarket parts and enhanced products
Scaffolding Trays

Customer came to us with a need for a common part on a large tractor that breaks. They asked us to take the part, insure the mechanism to where it connects is exact but to strengthen the remaining part, for the weight that is sustains. We successfully built several units for test and continue to replinish their supply to sell. The same customer came to us with the need of lighter longer sprayer arms than what was available, we developed the arm out of 6061 aluminum. This unit is still in the testing stages.


Project Specifications

Sizes: Varied
Materials: Steel / Aluminum
Fabrication Processes: Laser Cutting, Forming and Tig Welding
Finishing Applications: Paint

Automatic Racking System
Racking System Fabrication

Custom Automatic Racking System for the potato industry, this unit was constructed using customer designs and full prints. JML fabricated the system using channel, flat bar, tube and angle steel.


Project Specifications

Sizes: Varied large scale
Materials: Varied Steel
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, Drilling, and Welding
Finishing Applications: Steel Primer and Paint

Stainless Dip Tanks

Customer came to us with full prints and design for several Dip Tanks to be made of Stainless. These had to pass test to insure no leaks, this is where the certified welding on stainless comes in place. Even though these didn't require certification, they were going to hold highly toxic liquid and we had to insure there would be no leaks in any seams. Process, included cutting, forming, and welding. With the requirements customer requested we welded Mig on the inside and full penetration Tig on the outside.


Project Specifications

Sizes: 2' x 2' x 8'
Materials: Aluminum
Fabrication Processes: Cutting, Forming, Tig & Mig Welding
Finishing Applications: None

Additional Agricultural Fabrication or Repair Services:

  • Bins
  • Hoppers
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Bale Wagons
  • Tractors
  • Transplanters
  • Seed drills
  • Combine harvesters
  • Heavy Weldment Crack Repair
  • Pins/Bushing Repair

JML Fabrication welcomes the opportunity to quote any fabrication or welding project. For additional information regarding our capabilities or services call 612-444-3025 or email sales@jmlfabrication.com


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