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JML Fabrication, Farmington Minnesota


On April 6th 2017 Wos Testing Inc. performed a shop Inspection at JML Fabrication.

The President Margo Lackore and the Project Quality Manager Ryan Courtney were very helpful in assisting us in our shop inspection of the facility and the welding.

The shop welding was inspected for this project and found to be Acceptable to the AWS D1.1 Code

The Welder Certifications, WPS and Quality Manual were reviewed and found to be Acceptable to the AWS D1.1 Code

We witnessed some of the weld preparation, fit-up and welding on this projected and it was being welded per the WPS and was Acceptable to the AWS D1.1 Welding Code.

It is my opinion that the shop welding performed at this facility for this project is of Exceptional Quality and is acceptable to the AWS D1.1 Welding Code.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Sincerely Yours;

Gerald F. Wos
(715) 829.6504

WSB and Associates, has recently worked with JML Fabrication on the Burr Oak School Renovation Project in Rochester, Minnesota. JML Fabrication provided the structural steel support framing members for roof top HVAC Units and structural steel framing support members within the school bui lding. Our role was to perform special structural inspections related to the fabrication plant inspection which included quality control procedures, quality management plan, welder certifications, AWS procedure certification, adherence to structural and shop drawings, owner/staff resumes and company information.

Our experience with JML Fabrication has been outstanding including their structural steel fabrication for our project. We have found their employee's to be quite professional and positive from their plant staff to their office staff. We have also found them to be very professional with consultants, general contractors and customers. They are an effective communicator with customers, have adhered to strict quality control requirements, and managed their construction projects very successfully. We would highly recommend them for any construction project.


Barry Hentz
Special Structural Inspector
WSB & Associates, Inc.-Rochester


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